Monday, 31 October 2011

Todays Outfit

So this morning i looked out my window and it looked very overcast, wet and cold so i thought seen as winter is around the corner im best of wrapping up. So i dug out one of my last seasons knitwear from ZARA and if i remember correctly it was £59.99... Trust me it keeps you VERY WARM as i gathered when i was sweating all day at college

For pants i wore my Topman Navy Chinos only £28.00 ! Not gonna lie i love these pants!! there so comfortable and are the only pants which haven't bust on me yet 
For my shoes i wore my Topman Boots only £75.00 ! there so comfortable but the threading on the bottom easily comes out... well if you tend to get stuck in a bush while running away from someone

And last but not least my LIFE KIDS wristband!! which i kinda stole from the church which come in to my work every sunday!! haha

Friday, 28 October 2011

Favorite Out-takes

 A few of my favorite out-takes :)

India Hobsons Blog post!

I recently shot with a new face that I believe has a lot of potential. He has an incredibly editorial look and at 6'3" with green eyes and AMAZING cheekbones there is alot to work with!
Grooming and hair on this day was taken care of by the fantastic Nicki Donohoe - someone that I have wanted to work with for a long time. Nicki didn't disappoint and she perfectly provided a little contouring and some gorgeous gold highlighting on Raimi's already distinguished bone structure.
Yes my studio is currently a very cold place to work - and yes it is a bit daunting if you're a new face and not used to performing, but Raimi worked brilliantly with the light and responded excellently to my direction and advice.
We shot some topless images - and they prove to be sensual rather than overtly and obviously sexual, which is something that some models work towards for years before they can achieve. Some of the images are already up in the Boys section on here and I shall be showcasing some more on my Tumblr over the next few days...
I hope you enjoy the images and look out for Raimi as I'm sure he'll be seen a lot more very soon!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Right so iv just realized that since starting this blog i haven't actually ever introduced myself properly which is abit of the lamest thing ever. So while i have 4hrs to spare waiting for work thought id just blog a little.

 Firstly!! My name is Raimi Salami, Pronounced RAY-ME and yes 'salami' like the sausage Strange i know but oh well.
 Im currently an agency signed model in london but living in the biggest crap whole of BOLTON :| which i can not wait to get away from !! I have high aspirations and one of them is to be signed defiantly in MILAN and be working on a more regular basis!!
 Overrall im a complete jerk ! i love to have fun! party shoot and wag college! Friends are what keep me going!! I have the best group of friends ever!! BANTZ but yeah iv decided to make this blog to show you guys my shit, and hopefully it will kill up some of my boredom time where i should be doing my college work but oh well!!!
Feel free to hit me up on twitter @_ItsRaimi

Tuesday, 25 October 2011


So tomorrow im going back into toni and guy to get my hair colored AGAIN and styled for FREE !!
Im taking the advantage of knowing people to the extreme!! So i was thinking about getting a style like this!!
Obviously i have way curler hair then this guy but im sure the stylist can sort it out!!
This is how i want it!! This is just perfect!! pulling my curls out my hair is down to my nose so technically it is long enough
Thinking about it realistically all i need to do is get my hair abit straighter which isnt that difficult right ? And i want to go just lighter then his hair!!
What do you guys think ? should i go his style or stay curly wurllie all my life ? HELP

Topman RANT

So recently i purchased the nicest pair of shoes iv ever bought! i fell in love with the as soon as i layed eyes on them!! I loved them so much i photographed them for part of my look book graphics coursework! (The picture above) look how neat and tidy they look. Well guess what.. didnt last very long!! There 100% leather which i will vouch for but as for the threading... COMPLETE disaster ! i payed £75 for these beauties and within a few days ruined :(
 As you can see the threading has come out which is leading to the whole of the front coming off !
 Its not asif i paid little for these boots! i actually love them and should really take them back but iv lost my recipt!! I understand that the shoes are made in 3rd world countries and i respect the people that make them but topman as a brand should make sure this doesnt happen!!!
So payday is just around the corner!! think i may purchase some UGG winter boots this time!!!
But im still the biggest topman fan ever!! even though i have 3 pairs of pants which the button has burst off on them!! i shall blog about that in the morning!

Sunday, 23 October 2011


So as you guys can tell iv not blogged in forever!!! So just going to do a quick update!! And from the picture below its obvious nothing has changed, im still the typical
crazy ass punk.
Anyway with the time that iv had not working my backside off iv been overly partying to hard, sleep and college!! FML so nothing spectacularly amazing just the average teenage life style i guess!!  So urm yeah not much really to speak about, Besides doing a fashion show on friday which was pretty amaze!!! was the longest day of my entire life!! never seen such a  early morning!! haha but the plus side was i met some pretty amazing people 

Iv got some many pictures to upload but at this moment off time im wayy to tired haha

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


This week iv been nonstop living on the edge!
Iv been working hard and partying hardcore! i love my friends too much! But apparently im abit crazy after a bottle of wine and shots! Not to my friends but to people who pee me off

Its Nearly September which can only mean on thing!! LFW (london fashion week) SOON!! castings i cannot wait to attend to

Check my LFW show package out!! what you think ?

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Rioting, looting, vandalism ?

Sorry but we live in this society.. if you want to riot, loot & vandalize shit so be it.. but remember your the ones paying for it to be repaired by paying tax.. e.g and no im not preeching i dont pay tax.. just making a point
On a real note this is our society.
You reckon his mother is proud of her child going out causing chaos on the streets and putting people in fear? P.s blood and chip teeth is not this seasons hottest look. SO pluck up some balls and go to the denist and sort your teeth.
Oh... lastest trend. taking a picture of yourself infront off police! Just to upload to facebook and even tweet. Your a 'hard boi' with swag. oh wait your just an uneducated child who believes playing with fire is fun. So listen rude boi.... is this what you want to raise your family up in.. destruction and the slums?

serious question... what did you gain from this.. You didn't get a free tv. or a pair of air max trainers.. so is that why you burnt it down. or is it that people have saved there arses of to get where they wanted to be an ur jealousy has taken over.

In the long run the only benefit your doing, is making people realise how much of fool you are. but in my opinion this is only the start . 2012. be warned

Monday, 8 August 2011

Since last blogging iv not really done much special. iv been shooting. working and chilling with the homies!! thats all i can say! i have a memory like a fish and geniunly cant remember the past month ahhaha!!! but yeah. got a few good upcoming shoots soon cant wait! and then at end of the month cracking down on castings time to get noticed... I did a my 1st youtube video the other day so check it out!!! its crap!! ask me some questions and ill redo a video for you guys :D

so iv just realized iv not blogged on here for a very long time, iv just been pretty busy recently i guess!! but im going to start back up and start my blabbing on as usual aaha!! anyway here is an unedited preview from a recent shoot!! more to come soon!!

Saturday, 25 June 2011

New Shots

Hey guys so im not going to rambel on like i usually do on this post, but ohh dont you worry, im going to blogg my skinny arse off about London another night!!
Just thought id do a quick one to share my new shots with you lot
I worked with a beautiful female model named sofee nadine and it was a really great shoot!! I love the last two shots the best!! give me some feedback!
Model: Raimi Salami
Mua & Hair: Pembe Selcuk
Assistant: Hazal Mustafa
Styling: Catherine Smith
Photographer: Olgac Bozalp

Monday, 20 June 2011


Today consisted of travel, travel travel! and i feel completely dead now! I woke up at crack of dawn which in my times is 6! TO early for me to be honest! and i only woke so early because the sun was blazing through my un-shut curtains. Got to Manchester train station for about 7:55 and caught the train to the CAPITAL! my home town ( I wish). Just as i got seats that was available loads & Loads i mean like hundreds of school kids crammed my carriage & im not an early person so i changed my seats to a more quieter one. As i got settled i realized i had no leg room atall so i thought i have a spare chair so why not put my legs up! Next minuet a old granny decides to sit next to me, and use MY seat to sit on out of all the other 100! i was so annoyed.

So i arrived in the big bad city and just wanted to explore! but couldn't really seen as i had a shoot at 11:30! So as soon as i got of the train i made my way to swiss cottage. and as you may know im not exactly the brains of my family and i struggle with direction, so i was asking everyone heedlessly where to go !!
Finally i arrived at swiss cottage but the only problem was is that i didn't know where to go from there so i downloaded google maps quick time! and what a frigging disaster that was! Stupid thing! i was walking around in a circle for HOURS! well i lie.. about 24mins!
Anyway i finally found my way, and went to set, and there were about 3 other female models! all uniquely beautiful and quickly got my hair and Make-up done, but put it this way, my hair wasn't what iv ever had before, They straightened the top and then last min put some extensions on. Hmm i was scared to look in the mirror but im sure the shots come out great! 
Shooting with the photographer was slightly intimidating as she was FANTASTIC, shes worked with Kate moss! and i just wanted to impress! But she was dead lovely and we got loads of good shots!
To wrap up the day i came back to my aunties and had a good scran and ate lots off food! and now chilling with family ! as i have a VERY busy week to come! Have castings tomorrow, 2 shots on Wednesday and possibly a shoot on Thursday which i hope will go ahead cause the guys is AMAZING!
Im sure ill have much to bitch about from my castings tomorrow haha! so ill do another blog!! Have a nice night guys :)

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Long Weekend!

This weekend has been the most hectic weekend of my entire life. iv worked my skinny arse of working for 22hrs JUST AT WEEKEND! which for me is to much time! i feel like iv left work, to go sleep, just to wake back up and go back! I'm sick of the sight of it! But on a better note! wont be working until next saturday!

 I thought that cause it was my friends birthdays ill go to both there parties! and id be able to make them both! but finishing work at 10 did not help ONE BIT! waited for a taxi (WHICH WAS 20mins LATE), showered in the dark! cause all the lights in the bathroom have blown (We need a electrician) so that took longer then expected trying to find all my washing stuff haha!!, then got out the shower, to find there is not towels so running naked round my landing looking for my dressing gown. So it gets to about 11:00 and im just about ready! go down stairs grab my keys and my brother turns round and basically says 'your going out like that ?' which made me feel SHIT! so he decided to play dress up and made me him his invention which took AGES!! Finally go to one of my friends house's and everyone is outside, like drunk, and i felt pretty intimidated cause im a right softy when im sober so i couldn't be arsed speaking to all these drunks, so walked straight past them and find my friend and she tells me that the party at hers is cancelled where going into town! Get into town... SOBER AS A FLY no lie, most utter CRINGE moment ever. people you only ever speak to when ur drunk speaking to you, guys touching you, girls just being girls, and the whole situations just made me cringe so i decided to get a few drinks,
 Well! a few drinks turned into £60 worth, and i was Very drunk. put it this way im not going into to much depth cause ill sound like a fool! it consisted of SKANKING, more alcohol and SKANKING hahaha!!
So i leave about 4ish cause i have work at 9 the next morning :| Put it this way it was the worst shift of my life. HUNGOVER and totally unaware that it was fathers day! running around middlebrook on ur 15 min break trying to find something!! NOTHING AT ALL! until i go into a shop, and see the most beautiful, amazing diesel man bag!!
 I wanted it so i bought it! and it just happens u get aftershave with it !! soo BOOYAAAHH gave that to my dad!!! Im sat in bed falling asleep as i type im that tired, and i think iv wrote way to much to keep you all interested! But i have to be up tomorrow for 7 as im heading to london for 11:30 for a shoot!! Ill keep you updated