Monday, 20 June 2011


Today consisted of travel, travel travel! and i feel completely dead now! I woke up at crack of dawn which in my times is 6! TO early for me to be honest! and i only woke so early because the sun was blazing through my un-shut curtains. Got to Manchester train station for about 7:55 and caught the train to the CAPITAL! my home town ( I wish). Just as i got seats that was available loads & Loads i mean like hundreds of school kids crammed my carriage & im not an early person so i changed my seats to a more quieter one. As i got settled i realized i had no leg room atall so i thought i have a spare chair so why not put my legs up! Next minuet a old granny decides to sit next to me, and use MY seat to sit on out of all the other 100! i was so annoyed.

So i arrived in the big bad city and just wanted to explore! but couldn't really seen as i had a shoot at 11:30! So as soon as i got of the train i made my way to swiss cottage. and as you may know im not exactly the brains of my family and i struggle with direction, so i was asking everyone heedlessly where to go !!
Finally i arrived at swiss cottage but the only problem was is that i didn't know where to go from there so i downloaded google maps quick time! and what a frigging disaster that was! Stupid thing! i was walking around in a circle for HOURS! well i lie.. about 24mins!
Anyway i finally found my way, and went to set, and there were about 3 other female models! all uniquely beautiful and quickly got my hair and Make-up done, but put it this way, my hair wasn't what iv ever had before, They straightened the top and then last min put some extensions on. Hmm i was scared to look in the mirror but im sure the shots come out great! 
Shooting with the photographer was slightly intimidating as she was FANTASTIC, shes worked with Kate moss! and i just wanted to impress! But she was dead lovely and we got loads of good shots!
To wrap up the day i came back to my aunties and had a good scran and ate lots off food! and now chilling with family ! as i have a VERY busy week to come! Have castings tomorrow, 2 shots on Wednesday and possibly a shoot on Thursday which i hope will go ahead cause the guys is AMAZING!
Im sure ill have much to bitch about from my castings tomorrow haha! so ill do another blog!! Have a nice night guys :)

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  1. so jealous you get so much work! it's great
    Well done on today! I also wish i lived in London it's literally the best.