Sunday, 19 June 2011

Long Weekend!

This weekend has been the most hectic weekend of my entire life. iv worked my skinny arse of working for 22hrs JUST AT WEEKEND! which for me is to much time! i feel like iv left work, to go sleep, just to wake back up and go back! I'm sick of the sight of it! But on a better note! wont be working until next saturday!

 I thought that cause it was my friends birthdays ill go to both there parties! and id be able to make them both! but finishing work at 10 did not help ONE BIT! waited for a taxi (WHICH WAS 20mins LATE), showered in the dark! cause all the lights in the bathroom have blown (We need a electrician) so that took longer then expected trying to find all my washing stuff haha!!, then got out the shower, to find there is not towels so running naked round my landing looking for my dressing gown. So it gets to about 11:00 and im just about ready! go down stairs grab my keys and my brother turns round and basically says 'your going out like that ?' which made me feel SHIT! so he decided to play dress up and made me him his invention which took AGES!! Finally go to one of my friends house's and everyone is outside, like drunk, and i felt pretty intimidated cause im a right softy when im sober so i couldn't be arsed speaking to all these drunks, so walked straight past them and find my friend and she tells me that the party at hers is cancelled where going into town! Get into town... SOBER AS A FLY no lie, most utter CRINGE moment ever. people you only ever speak to when ur drunk speaking to you, guys touching you, girls just being girls, and the whole situations just made me cringe so i decided to get a few drinks,
 Well! a few drinks turned into £60 worth, and i was Very drunk. put it this way im not going into to much depth cause ill sound like a fool! it consisted of SKANKING, more alcohol and SKANKING hahaha!!
So i leave about 4ish cause i have work at 9 the next morning :| Put it this way it was the worst shift of my life. HUNGOVER and totally unaware that it was fathers day! running around middlebrook on ur 15 min break trying to find something!! NOTHING AT ALL! until i go into a shop, and see the most beautiful, amazing diesel man bag!!
 I wanted it so i bought it! and it just happens u get aftershave with it !! soo BOOYAAAHH gave that to my dad!!! Im sat in bed falling asleep as i type im that tired, and i think iv wrote way to much to keep you all interested! But i have to be up tomorrow for 7 as im heading to london for 11:30 for a shoot!! Ill keep you updated

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