Thursday, 16 June 2011


The fashion industry is a right B%*$h, and you come across photographers that are so rude and annoying, But recently i shot with a photographer named 'Marianne Paraskeva ' where do i start with her.... She was probably the best EVER person iv shot with ! the shoot was so enjoyable! and it was just AMAZING. As im a bolton boy i travelled down to lodon to shoot with this talent as i knew that she'd make my portfolio go BOOM ! and boy was i right! We started shooting about 1ish and didnt stop till about 10! we just got carried away! the MUA/Stylist was amazing too! I loved them both !! they was so creative ! it didnt feel like a shoot it just felt like chilling with friends!! It got wild! full on powder all over my face &body and trust me when i got home i still needed to scrub!! but the best shots come out when you get wild i guess! Can't wait for you guys to see them! just in post production at the moment!! but for time being Iv attached a few of the fashion images we did! but there is more to come!! We managed to get 4shoots into one DAY! so keep an eye out and check Marianne out on fb

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