Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Rioting, looting, vandalism ?

Sorry but we live in this society.. if you want to riot, loot & vandalize shit so be it.. but remember your the ones paying for it to be repaired by paying tax.. e.g and no im not preeching i dont pay tax.. just making a point
On a real note this is our society.
You reckon his mother is proud of her child going out causing chaos on the streets and putting people in fear? P.s blood and chip teeth is not this seasons hottest look. SO pluck up some balls and go to the denist and sort your teeth.
Oh... lastest trend. taking a picture of yourself infront off police! Just to upload to facebook and even tweet. Your a 'hard boi' with swag. oh wait your just an uneducated child who believes playing with fire is fun. So listen rude boi.... is this what you want to raise your family up in.. destruction and the slums?

serious question... what did you gain from this.. You didn't get a free tv. or a pair of air max trainers.. so is that why you burnt it down. or is it that people have saved there arses of to get where they wanted to be an ur jealousy has taken over.

In the long run the only benefit your doing, is making people realise how much of fool you are. but in my opinion this is only the start . 2012. be warned

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