Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Right so iv just realized that since starting this blog i haven't actually ever introduced myself properly which is abit of the lamest thing ever. So while i have 4hrs to spare waiting for work thought id just blog a little.

 Firstly!! My name is Raimi Salami, Pronounced RAY-ME and yes 'salami' like the sausage Strange i know but oh well.
 Im currently an agency signed model in london but living in the biggest crap whole of BOLTON :| which i can not wait to get away from !! I have high aspirations and one of them is to be signed defiantly in MILAN and be working on a more regular basis!!
 Overrall im a complete jerk ! i love to have fun! party shoot and wag college! Friends are what keep me going!! I have the best group of friends ever!! BANTZ but yeah iv decided to make this blog to show you guys my shit, and hopefully it will kill up some of my boredom time where i should be doing my college work but oh well!!!
Feel free to hit me up on twitter @_ItsRaimi

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