Monday, 31 October 2011

Todays Outfit

So this morning i looked out my window and it looked very overcast, wet and cold so i thought seen as winter is around the corner im best of wrapping up. So i dug out one of my last seasons knitwear from ZARA and if i remember correctly it was £59.99... Trust me it keeps you VERY WARM as i gathered when i was sweating all day at college

For pants i wore my Topman Navy Chinos only £28.00 ! Not gonna lie i love these pants!! there so comfortable and are the only pants which haven't bust on me yet 
For my shoes i wore my Topman Boots only £75.00 ! there so comfortable but the threading on the bottom easily comes out... well if you tend to get stuck in a bush while running away from someone

And last but not least my LIFE KIDS wristband!! which i kinda stole from the church which come in to my work every sunday!! haha

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