Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Topman RANT

So recently i purchased the nicest pair of shoes iv ever bought! i fell in love with the as soon as i layed eyes on them!! I loved them so much i photographed them for part of my look book graphics coursework! (The picture above) look how neat and tidy they look. Well guess what.. didnt last very long!! There 100% leather which i will vouch for but as for the threading... COMPLETE disaster ! i payed £75 for these beauties and within a few days ruined :(
 As you can see the threading has come out which is leading to the whole of the front coming off !
 Its not asif i paid little for these boots! i actually love them and should really take them back but iv lost my recipt!! I understand that the shoes are made in 3rd world countries and i respect the people that make them but topman as a brand should make sure this doesnt happen!!!
So payday is just around the corner!! think i may purchase some UGG winter boots this time!!!
But im still the biggest topman fan ever!! even though i have 3 pairs of pants which the button has burst off on them!! i shall blog about that in the morning!

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