Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Adam Bennet shoot

It seems i only ever blog when i have some new material which is very lame of me but sorry I'm just a very bad blogger , but here goes....

So i never ever no where to put the paragraph which i warn you now is going to most likely be the worst thing you have ever read. I am most definitely not a blogger. Im just a bitch.
The shots from this shoot come out amazing which i didn't expect (even though we had a great team) as we had limited time as we got into the studio a bit late and i was squeezed for time as it was my last day at work before i quit :'( to leave the uk.

But yes I'm back at home now safe after a few TOO many weeks in the beautiful sun! Not going to lie it was amazing! I would never go and try and work out there as it is not my cup of tea at all seen as id always skip work to lounge round the pool or sunbathe on the beach, AND yes get very drunk! thats all the trip consisted of!

Now that I'm back i hate life! i need to get back in the game and get shooting with amazing people and start doing what i do best ;) ! But hey ho! Hit me up on twitter @ItsRaimz ! don't be shy

R x