Thursday, 30 August 2012

Behind the Scenes: 26/8/12

On sunday i got the chance to work with a great team AGAIN who i previously worked for about 2 weeks ago. But this time with my fellow model Liz Washington <3 ! The day was full of FUN, Laughter and LOVE, as the concept was Tainted love. The idea was to have contrast between the two looks, yet still maintain elements that would bring it together and keep it looking coherent. ( The last bit stole from sophie's blog as i had no idea what to say haha)

Photographer: Jamie Cowlishaw
Hair & Make-up: Sarah Morten
Models: Raimi Salami & Liz Washington
Designers: Amanda Salway (who joined us on the shoot), Bethanie Elsa Jacob & Christopher Waller


Overall the shoot went amazing! I loved it, i feel that we all worked well as a team! Looking forward to seeing the shots!