Thursday, 27 September 2012

Shopping Basket

H&M Blazer £49.99
H&M Long-Sleeved T-shirt £7.99
H&M Skinny Low Jeans £19.99
H&M Leather Bag £24.99

With an early pay day around the corner from being a extra on the set of hollyoaks iv decided to stock my wardrobe up and get ready for winter with some of H&M's new collection. Iv decided to go for a low key look keeping the clothing basic but classy at the same time. Iv been wanting a long sleeve t-shirt for a while but being so slim and tall its hard for me to find one that fits. I have the same problem with Jeans and basically every clothes so online shopping is essential to me and if it doesn't fit when it arrives. Guess it'll just have to be returned. Hopefully when these items arrive they will be perfect & a full look will be posted.

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