Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Rain Coat in the city

After such a hectic weekend i finally had time to head out into the city and grab a well deserved coffee with Nada Adelle & of-course shoot a quick look for you guys.

With the weather being dull & cold i decided that layering was my best bet to beating this years flu which i always seem to catch ( Fingers crossed i wont this year) but it really worked against me! I felt all stuffy and hot whilst shopping... But i guess i still looked fabulous! 

You can never go wrong with the classy look of a rain coat which i have had in my cupboard for months just never had the perfect excuse to use it, matched with a jumper & undershirt.

Also finally had my hair done! so im kind of back blonde/ ginger!& If you haven't noticed i am finally shade-less with the scars of my illness finally fading!

Have a fabulous week


Friday, 25 October 2013

H&M Fall outfit

Coat :H&M    Boots: Topman    Turtle Neck: Topman
With fall upon us it's about time that you guys started dressing for the weather! This doesn't mean that you can't still dress fabulously, It just means you have to be fabulously warm. 
With the dark nights getting earlier and earlier shooting posts is becoming so difficult.

This week i hit H&M (Not going to lie, Possibly one of my favorite stores this year) and found this amazing beautiful coat! As soon as i seen it i grabbed it and ran to the check out! Seen as i get discount at certain store i had the pleasure of using my 25% discount on the coat which ended in a bargain!

The leather look is totally in this season and so are turtle necks! If you wan't to completely class your look up a turtle neck is the way forward! The contrast with the white and black doesn't just compliment everyone's figure it also makes the outfit look diverish and 100% fabulous.

P.s guys ignore the flaws in this image my zip accidentally bust open & i kind of needed to use a lint roller but tottally forgot! ( None of images are photo-shopped i like to keep things raw)


Thursday, 17 October 2013

Denim Abuse

Dressing for this weather is such a pain in the backside. Not knowing when the weather will instantly change is driving me crazy. I’m the kind of person who likes things to be set, i would rather it be hot or cold! No inbetweens and no mixes as outfit dressing for the unknown is extremely hard.
Recently i have been abusing the denim jacket as i feel it is a major fashion item in my life at the moment! Easy to chuck on, Simple, and gives even the worst outfit the little fashionista boost it may need.
This week is going to be a very busy week as i will be working non stop, shooting for new products & brands and instagraming my life away. I just wish that i could spend most of my days sat in a little coffee shop drinking & eating cakes all day! Somebody get me back to paris now!

Wonderland Knit

Sunglasses: Chanel Jumper: Wonderland Clothing Jeans: H&M Boots: H&M
Wow! What a weekend, such a shame that it’s over. With Sunday being one of the nicest days in forever i finally got chance to hang out with some friends drinking coffee, blogging & discussing our world domination plans. After having a crazy Saturday night out and only returning to my bed at 8am sunglasses was a necessity! (Plus it was actually sunny for once)
Even though we had some beautiful weather before we head into winter i realized that i have packed all my summer outfits away and have all my winter collection at the ready for fall. Thanks to wonderland clothing (website to be launched soon) i had the perfect knitted jumper which i received on Friday to shoot in and share with you guys! With it being the coziest knit in my closet at the moment it is the ultimate gift as we head into fall.

Legs for days

With the week being nearly over i’m sat asking myself where have the days gone & for me the countdown till Christmas has officially began. With the weather being unpredictable choosing the perfect outfit is essential. Not just to look good but also to feel good too because you don’t want to be wearing shorts in the freezing cold right.
This weeks must buys are Turtle Necks, For some reason i barely see men wearing them, And its such a shame. Not does it show of your figure but it also extends your neck and keeps it warm. Yesterday i woke up feeling like i have grown a extra few inches. My legs felt as if they went on for days! & Being so tall & slim super skinny spray on jeans may of just got me a bit more attention then i was looking for walking through the city. Who cares? I surely don’t.
After shoving a blazer on to keep things looking classy & a pair of flat shoes i have realized winter is well on its way! so be prepared for the return of the Knits!
Guys please tell me why don’t men not wear Turtle necks that much & Girls, do you think they look to feminine on a man?

Return of the TRENCH

Coat – Riverisland Turtle Neck – Topman Skinny Jeans – Topman Sunglasses :H&M
 The coldness is back and that could mean only one thing! Time to get the trench Coats out. After a week of sitting in my bed with no contact with the outside world (Due to being really ill with shingles) I decided to head into the city and meet a friend for a much needed coffee & shop. This week has been the worst week of my life, with LFW full force i needed to drop out of a great show due to my health & the shingles leaving scars on my face ( Reason i have sunglasses on) But with things looking up with contact from great designers & photographers looks like collaborations will get me back on track.
You can never go wrong with a trench & Turtle neck to give you the ultimate fashionista look!

Skater boy

This week i have recieved a lot of freebies from some amazing international designers from all over the world. With today being one of my only days off from hetic lifestyle i headed down into the town for quick lunch and to grab a few snap shots for you guys. If you haven’t noticed this isn’t my usual attire as i love looking classy but this look today was 100% Chanel and very comfortable.
Over the past few days i have been feeling like change is needed as i feel like i am living my life day in and day out the same. Even though you may just think its an outfit, its still a change from what im used too. I feel like im letting go a litte. I also decided to change my instagram name to @Amederaimz and embracing my little of french that i have left remaining in my blood. Thanks to everyone that has been sending me these clothes and look out on my Instagram over the next few weeks. If you a are a designer don’t be scared to drop me a message! Have a lovely evening

A day of sun

DSC_0078DSC_0080DSC_0083After months of dreadful weather the sun decided to show its pretty little face around town. So could only mean one thing. OUTFIT POST! with a lot going on at the moment blogging has come to the bottom of my pile which i hate so much. Life is looking bright at the moment and hope things continue! So i can hopefully buy amazing new clothes to blog about
Cardigan: Topman – £50
T-shirt: H&M – £6.99
Jeans: H&M – £19.99
Casio watch: Urban outfitters – £40


City Dash

184318411842Hey guys! sorry for not posting over the past week and a bit, life has been complete madness at the moment, from shopping to shooting and my laptop has broke again. But I’m back for a while using the family mac.
As usual i decided to hit the city and go shopping!!! My favourite thing to do to cheer me up when im feeling slightly ill! Found so many bargains which i can not wait to blog about! Getting this outfit shot was so funny as usually i find a quiet place to shoot, but with being stressed and cold i decided to do it in the busiest part of the city. Funny looks.co.uk
Nobody wants to look like an overdressed diva whilst shopping so i decided to keep things casual and neutral as well as wrapping up with this very cold weather. Looking forward to sharing a few posts over the coming weeks! from shooting and other little lame things.
Glasses: H&M – £9.99
Coat: Zara – £59.99
Jumper: Topman – £19.99
Tshirt: Zara – £9.99
Jeans: H&M – £19.99
Shoes: Kurt Geiger
Yours fashionably

Nerd in 'Block Colours'


The dedication i have for you guys is actually unreal. Running into the city early this morning to meet nada 25 minuets before i start work just to take some pictures is crazy. As it was early morning it just happened to be that everywhere we went to take pictures was extremely busy! So everyone was stopping and staring.
For some reason i decided to pull a nerdy retro look with block colours! and be bright! This jumper from H&M is perfect to stand out in and make a fashion statement. As it was freezing i decided to pair my outfit with my Zara jacket which has been hiding in my wardrobe for 2 years now and never been touched. Work for some reason today seemed to go so long! even though i fully prepared myself, ”looking good, smelling good” just to get some nice compliments haha.
Hope your day’s gone better then mine
Yours fashionably

Tea with Nada

DSC_0168DSC_0156DSC_0148It’s not very often that a day goes by and i haven’t spent time with the beautiful Nada Adelle. At the moment we are literally inseparable  we just love each others company too much. Today we headed just outside the city and grabbed some coffee before we hit the superstores and then treated ourselves to some coffee to warm ourselves up.
We did plan our usual look update but with the weather be dull we just couldn’t seem to capture the light perfect resulting in no amazing looks today! After a day of talking we have come to the conclusion that our lives could are like an episode of gossip girl! Sometimes amazing but sometimes to dramatic. Check back tomorrow evening for the look update! & thank-you for all the support and lovely messages your guys keep leaving.
Your’s Fashionably

Midnight in Paris

DSC`_00155DSC_00425DSC_0056DSC_00591Today i headed back out into town for the usual catch up with Nada Adelle after being snowed in for a few days. Entering town it amazed me how there seemed to be hardly any traces of snow around, UNLIKE my street. After a weekend of sledging and making snow angels i decided it was time to upload a quick look for you guys.
I decided to keep things basic but still giving the sense of comfort and warmth by layering up. Ill admit i did have more layers on then this before the photo’s, but my jacket completely clashed with my outfit…. And that my friends, is SOCIAL SUICIDE. After a day of people shouting abuse at myself and Nada for posing in the streets a genuinely nice guy decided to jump in for a quick shot with me! Which  completely  made my day. We told him we was from Paris and he was slightly confused why we was over in this part of the town haha.
I hope you are all making the most out the snow before it all goes and we get stuck with the rain for the rest of the year. Have a nice evening
Jumper: Topman – £50.00
Jeans: H&M – £19.99
Shirt: RiverIsland – £10.00
Glasses: H&M – £6.99
Scarf: Zara – £12.00