Thursday, 17 October 2013

Midnight in Paris

DSC`_00155DSC_00425DSC_0056DSC_00591Today i headed back out into town for the usual catch up with Nada Adelle after being snowed in for a few days. Entering town it amazed me how there seemed to be hardly any traces of snow around, UNLIKE my street. After a weekend of sledging and making snow angels i decided it was time to upload a quick look for you guys.
I decided to keep things basic but still giving the sense of comfort and warmth by layering up. Ill admit i did have more layers on then this before the photo’s, but my jacket completely clashed with my outfit…. And that my friends, is SOCIAL SUICIDE. After a day of people shouting abuse at myself and Nada for posing in the streets a genuinely nice guy decided to jump in for a quick shot with me! Which  completely  made my day. We told him we was from Paris and he was slightly confused why we was over in this part of the town haha.
I hope you are all making the most out the snow before it all goes and we get stuck with the rain for the rest of the year. Have a nice evening
Jumper: Topman – £50.00
Jeans: H&M – £19.99
Shirt: RiverIsland – £10.00
Glasses: H&M – £6.99
Scarf: Zara – £12.00

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