Thursday, 17 October 2013

Skater boy

This week i have recieved a lot of freebies from some amazing international designers from all over the world. With today being one of my only days off from hetic lifestyle i headed down into the town for quick lunch and to grab a few snap shots for you guys. If you haven’t noticed this isn’t my usual attire as i love looking classy but this look today was 100% Chanel and very comfortable.
Over the past few days i have been feeling like change is needed as i feel like i am living my life day in and day out the same. Even though you may just think its an outfit, its still a change from what im used too. I feel like im letting go a litte. I also decided to change my instagram name to @Amederaimz and embracing my little of french that i have left remaining in my blood. Thanks to everyone that has been sending me these clothes and look out on my Instagram over the next few weeks. If you a are a designer don’t be scared to drop me a message! Have a lovely evening

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