Thursday, 17 October 2013

Tea with Nada

DSC_0168DSC_0156DSC_0148It’s not very often that a day goes by and i haven’t spent time with the beautiful Nada Adelle. At the moment we are literally inseparable  we just love each others company too much. Today we headed just outside the city and grabbed some coffee before we hit the superstores and then treated ourselves to some coffee to warm ourselves up.
We did plan our usual look update but with the weather be dull we just couldn’t seem to capture the light perfect resulting in no amazing looks today! After a day of talking we have come to the conclusion that our lives could are like an episode of gossip girl! Sometimes amazing but sometimes to dramatic. Check back tomorrow evening for the look update! & thank-you for all the support and lovely messages your guys keep leaving.
Your’s Fashionably

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