Friday, 29 November 2013


So it's officially the festive period, and i am not going to lie. I AM SUPER SYKED for Christmas already! I actually headed into the city yesterday and started my Christmas shopping for all my family & friends! Which was a bit silly as it's left me poor. The weather is becoming super duper cold which i hate so gloves this year are the biggest essential on my list ( And yours i hope) The rain is starting to ruin my fro as you can see! Why can't it just snow now!!
This week i recieved the most perfect package from topman! I opened up to an amazing grandad jacket which i have wanted for ages as they are so easy to dress at any time of the year! Along with a festive jumper!! I can not describe how many Christmas jumpers i have now! I just find them perfect
This whole outfit was inspired by a look that i seen on the topman website but obviously styled it out myself slightly different with plain black skinny jeans! as i feel that skinny jeans are the new CHANEL! and i don't say that a lot
I have a lot of christmas posts coming in the next few weeks so keep an eye out

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

River Island Leather collection

Usually i am not a big fan of leather, as i find that being over 6' with long arms and a slim frame it just does not fit my body type correctly! But when i layed eye's on the leather jack for only £120 i instantly fell in love. For some reason at the moment i'm going through a faze where i want to be french! I've even started lessons to improve my rustiness.

With the work load becoming heavier and heavier dressing to impress is getting harder! & i just can not seem to find the perfect outfit in any-stores. But you can never go wrong with a leather jacket chucked on over a decent shirt! It helps dress the look down making you look super chic. After a weekend of attending every bonfire in the city! this jacket's fur has soaked up all the bad smells of burning! But hey ho, you can remove the fur and chuck it into the washing machine ... But in the mean time it just converts into an ordinary leather jacket!!! I LOVE IT . River island are for sure turning it up this season